An Overview About Home Care Services

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In-home health care, or home care San Antonio service, provides the opportunity for medical patients, individuals with disabilities and for older people to recover and live within their own homes. This is important for those still seeking a level of freedom while still protected from medical relapses and injuries. Qualified aides and licensed nurses provide this service in combination with a doctor’s specific rehabilitation and treatment plan.

Medical homecare services include blood work, medication administering and planning physical assessment of your condition with regular information of your progress to your doctor. Only registered and licensed nurses can carry out these kinds of services.

Together with the registered nurse, you may also have a licensed health aide there to help her during her diagnosis. These services include assisting with personal hygiene, like restroom and bathing assistance, and helping with movement and some physical therapy. Certain aides do light housekeeping including light yard work, meal preparation, and laundry. Health aides also provide companion services for mentally impaired or elderly patients.

For patients with physical injuries and ailments, the said services involve physical therapy such as healing exercises to improve strength, circulation, movement, and flexibility. Physical therapy services also help provide balance and gait training. Speech therapy is a homecare service provided through many health care groups or associations.

In some countries and for certain medications, health care is cheaper than a long hospital stay. For many patients, Medicare includes homecare services, excluding housework, personal shopping and meal delivery. Check your medical insurance provider before you order any homecare services. To be eligible for in-home care, your doctor needs to state that you need such services and make a good in-home recovery plan to help you recover.

Your doctor should declare that in your present condition, you are incapable to leave the house without it causing taxing or negative effects on your mental or physical health. Your plan must also state that you need regular treatment from a qualified therapist or nurse or a licensed health aide. The homecare services that you and your doctor select should be done by a Medicare-approved staff or facility.

You are entitled to some homecare patient rights and upon starting any in-home health recovery program your homecare agency and medical provider are required to provide you with a printed copy of your rights. Within these rights, you have the freedom to choose your agency as long as it is included under your managed health recovery plan.

You also have the freedom to request the presence of your family members, and you may designate a family member as your guardian in case of injury or emergencies. Moreover, you have the freedom to request a copy of the treatment plan of your doctor so that you can ask questions and be ready for any treatment your doctor believes necessary. Your rights include your property and ensure that you and your possessions are keep with respect. You also have the freedom to file complaints with your recovery plan and the home care San Antonio agency if you feel abused in any way.


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